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Welcome to the Wiltshire Web – a tourism focused guide to Wiltshire, a centre of historical and factual information for the county of Wiltshire and a portal for Wiltshire business.

Tourism & The Wiltshire Web

Wiltshire is a county steeped in cultural richness, with a thriving tourism industry to match. As part of our dedicated service to Wiltshire tourism and business, the Wiltshire Web is geared to connect visitors to Wiltshire’s incredible offerings as a place of unique historical interest and beauty. The Wilsthire Web has been providing information to tourists for over 15 years. Here you will find an accommodation guide – including accommodation special offers and promotions from our advertisers, a guide to events all over the county, and much more.

A Guide to the History of Wiltshire
Based not just on stunning scenery, but also on rich historical importance and cultural significance, Wiltshire’s popularity among tourists, historians and intellectuals increases every year. The Wiltshire Web contains a continually growing knowledgebase of historical and factual information about Wiltshire. Amidst our pages you will find a history of Wiltshire, a guide to Wiltshire’s towns & villages and photo galleries.

The Wiltshire Web is the ideal introduction to Wiltshire for tourists and visitors and the perfect advertising medium for companies. If you would like to advertise your business on the Wiltshire Web, view our great value advertising options here.