SILBURY HILL – The tallest man made mound in Europe

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SILBURY HILL – The tallest man made mound in Europe

As we know after many archaelogical digs, including an intesive investigation in the 1960’s, no skeletal remains or significant ancient artifacts have ever been discovered in Silbury Hill. It is in effect an earthern pyramid, 130 feet high and covering a base of 5.5 acres. On the North and West sides an enormous ditch, now largely filled with silt and rubble, is the source of the chalk and earth of which the mound is constructed.

Silbury HillSilbury Hill lies just off the A4 between Devizes and Marlborough in the Winterbourne-Kennet valley. It is the tallest man-made mound in Europe. The hill was constructed over 4000 years ago and like so many other ancient sites in Wiltshire, its purpose still remains something of a mystery. Theories include a miltary installation; an expression of patriarchy; a king’s memorial and a treasure vault.

Bones of our wild forefathers, O forgive,
If we now pierce the chambers of your rest,
And open your dark pillows to the eye
Of the irreverent day! Hark, as we move,
Runs no stern whisper down the narrow vault?
Flickers no shape across our torchlight pale,
With backward beckoning arm? No, all is still…

Emmeline Fisher
Lines suggested by the opening made in Silbury Hill, 1849.

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