STONEHENGE – The World`s Greatest Mystery

Stonehenge Wiltshire
Stonehenge Wiltshire

STONEHENGE – The World`s Greatest Mystery?
Stonehenge was completed around 1300B.C. The mystery surrounding its creation is – why was is built?

We know that its axis is aligned with the sunrise of the longest day of the year – 21st June, so therefore it may have been used as some sort of calender. Another theory is that is was built for religious worship, possibly involving sacrificial practices. There has not however, been any evidence of human sacrifice.


Contrary to public belief, the Druids had nothing to do with its creation; they arrived in this country after the building work was started. They did however use the site for their own religious ceremonies and modern day Druids continue to use the site as a place of worship.

Scientific investigation has revealed that the stones used for the site were brought from as far away as the Prescelly Mountains in Pembrokeshire, West Wales – some 100 miles from their present location. This would have involved crossing the mighty Severn estuary or undertaking a detour of an additional 80 miles!

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