Pet friendly places to visit in Wiltshire


The best pet-friendly spots in Wiltshire

If you love the idea of taking a countryside holiday but you hate the idea of leaving your dog behind, then you’re going to need to track down a pet-friendly trip. Fortunately, Wiltshire could be the ideal solution when it comes to finding fun and relaxation holiday options for you and your pooch.

Brimming with culture, wide-open spaces, and stunning natural parks, Wiltshire is a wonderful place to visit with your favourite four-legged friend. With lakes and rivers for your pooch to splash around in, huge fields for them to race across, and fantastic hillsides to explore, Wiltshire is often the dog-walker’s dream come true.

From Savernake forest to historical Stonehenge, there are plenty of great places to explore with your dog(s) in Wiltshire. We’ve put together a list of our five favourite options to help inspire your next adventure.

1.     Lacock Village

Explore the dog walking area at Lacock village, close to the cultural draw of medieval streets and historical buildings. You’ll find plenty of trails nearby begging to be explored, as well as countryside solutions for when you want to break away from the town for a moment to enjoy the stunning nature all around. In Lacock village, dogs are welcome to explore the Abbey grounds.

2.     The Stonehenge Landscape

As one of the most historical and magical sites in the world, it’s hard to imagine that Stonehenge would be open to canine explorers as well as humans. However, dogs are welcome to come along with you to the site if you keep them securely on their lead. Remember that you and your dog won’t be allowed directly into the stone circle.

3.     Iford Manor Peto Gardens

Once again, you’ll need to keep your pooch on a lead to explore Iford Manor, but it’s worth it to see the Peto gardens. These stunning historical gardens are brimming with beauty in the form of trees, flowers and majestic sculptures. What’s more, you can even take your pooch with you to the tearoom nearby to enjoy a refreshing drink after a bit of exploring.

4.     Ludgershall Castle

If you like the idea of exploring a castle with your four-legged friend, then Ludgershall is the place to go. This beautiful location welcomes dogs on leads, and there are plenty of additional walks available into the nearby Collingbourne woods too!

Travel safely with your pet!

Remember, when you’re taking a road trip with Rover, it’s important to think about more than simply where you’re going to visit. You also need to make sure your dog is healthy enough to travel with you. The last thing you want is to be rushing to an emergency vet mid-way through your trip.

Keeping your pet safe means taking him or her to the vet ahead of your trip if you suspect something might be wrong and following a few simple steps that should help to protect your pooch:

  1. Use dog worming tablets to get rid of any parasites that might be taking up residence in your pet. This will make him or her feel better, and prevent the spread of disease to other dogs.
  2. Get rid of fleas and ticks before taking your dog on an adventure, and be sure to check for them when you come home too.
  3. Invest in calming products to keep your pooch happy if you’re going to be taking a long drive to your chosen destination. Remember to take plenty of rest-stops along the way too.


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