The story of the Seend Giant

100 Years Ago In Wiltshire – Frederick Kempster The Seend Giantthe seend giant 2016

Mr Frederick Kempster who lives at Seend, is 8ft 2ins in height, was born in Bayswater W. He is 22 years old, and is said to be still growing at the rate of four inches a year. It is claimed that he is the tallest and best proportioned giant in the world. He weighs 27 stone. When touring the country he is permitted by the Great Western Company to travel in the guard’s van, as he finds an ordinary carriage too small, and at his lodgings three ordinary beds are placed together and he sleeps across them. He can comfortably light a cigarette at a street lamp, and can span two octaves on the keyboard of a pianoforte. A penny will pass through his signet ring, and his size in boots is 22½.

Taunton Courier and Western Advertiser Wednesday 13 September 1916

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