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    Steve Banner

    I am trying to trace any family members who may still live in the wiltshire area. I was born in a village called Bradford upon Avon but I was there only a few weeks . Myself and my brother and sister were taken in to care. If anyone has info on either my father George Banner or my mother Gladys Hedger/Banner I would be very grateful. I am now 64 and have never met any family

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    Been told two things:
    One being william 1 conqueror after the battle of hasting making william king of england gave his highest men land to farm and to two brothers generals name of dunford gave them land to farm in lancashire and yorkshire and most of them were there until 1636 when charles 1 was on the throne of england king charles the first ask thomas dunford money for parliament to pay for the ships money thomas said as soon as you pay your debts to me. Charles was very annoyed and took away thomas dunford farm in yorkshire but he did not have time to do anything more because on the 30 january 1649 he was executed, after the execution cromwell took over and went to ireland to take away the better land from the murphy family and then came back to england in 1650 in parliament gave all the irish land to the dunford families in lancashire and yorkshire who he said he respected
    next was that the first name was durnford changed in the 12 century to dunford

    Now my great grandfather was john dunford born 1778 baptised all his children in st mary church liverpool lancashire trying to find out more about him can you help

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    Life of Mr. George Stileman / Stillman


    I wish I could trace my father’s line past Steeple Ashton:

    Anybody out there that feels like helping me out?

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    Blake family of Wilthire


    I have traced my ancestors back from Glencoe in Scotland via Devon and Chichester to Stratford Sub Castle near Salisbury aka Old Sarum. James Blake who married Alice Brunsdon in 1776 and had James, Joseph, Isaac, John (my ancestor) Mary Ann and Alice.

    Has anybody researched this family? Would love to contact someone I share these ancestors with.

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    Draper family – Easterton

    I was born in Buffalo, New York, USA, in 1946. My great grandfather, Charles Richard Draper was born in/near Easterton or Devizes in 1864. His parents were Benjamin Draper, and Susannah Hopkins Draper. Sometime between the 1871 census and 1874, Benjamin died. In 1871, Benjamin was 14 and Benjamin was 46. In 1874 Susannah and some of the children emigrated and landed in Buffalo, NY, where she ran a boarding house.

    Benjamin was recorded in the 1871 census as a “Cardwinder”. Can anyone tell me what that employment description is?
    Thank You,
    Dennis Sullivan

    Had a good look through the new website. Can anyone provide more background information on the Moonrakers?

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    I was born 1954 at the USAF Hospital in Burderop Park. I was named Robin Jay Raven. We lived on Bishops Green Farm. Hello to everyone! Live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida now. Renewed my drivers license. They wouldn”t accept the birth cirtificate or the report of birth because of new homeland security laws. I had to find the London Embassy form.- thank goodness I had it – thanks to my parents saving every scrap of paper all these years. Love you Mom and Dad RIP

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    I was born on 4/18/59 in the 7505th USAF Hospital/RAF Burderop, Swindon, Wilts, my father was in the Air Force at that time. I am trying to find out how to order my birth certificate. I am having an awful time. Can yo help me to advise how can can order my birth certificate. The only thin I have is a copy of the Report of Birth from the Hospital. I currently live in the US

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    I am tracing my ancestry. I find the Welch(Welsh) family were in Mere for several generations. The Cook family were in Midsomer Norton – some of them were miners and the Ladd family were in Erlestoke for many years.They were mainly agricultural labourers but Charles Ladd l worked at a protein factory. i would be grateful for any additional information

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    I am tracing my ancestry and find that my grandfather x3 Stephen Beazley,was a policeman in Calne during 1830-50 period and was listed as the town cryer in the 1861 census. . One of his sons, Thomas was the building contractor who built the town hall in 1886. Another Beazley,Stephen, either his son or grandson had a bootmaking buisness in Wood Street. If anyone has further information or photos of the Beazley family taken during 19th century i would be interested to hear from them. Jeff Bewsey

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    Hi all,Trying to trace information about a man called John William Hunt. He lived at 32, Church Street, Trowbridge from 1941 to 1949, apart from when he was away with the army – he was in the Royal Artillery and served in Gilbraltar from 1941 to 1943. Any tiny piece of information would be so gratefully received as I believe that he wa my grandfather. Many thanks.

    Posted by

    Hi I used to live in westbury wilts up to 1963 we lived in various houses the most original was the cinema in the late 50s my name is eddie hallett if anyone remembers me please get intouch , also went to the local secondary school up to 1963 class 3g who looked after the schools farm I am related to the hemmens/gerrish/davis familys

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    I was born in burderop park, england in 1961 my dad was in the us military is there any way to get some pictures and information on building where i was born

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    I was the NCOIC (Sgt-in-Charge)) of the clinics and emergency room of the RAF Burderop Park Air Force Hospital from May 1955 till May 1959. I lived on Marlborough Road in Swindon.

    Posted by Yank1703/

    would love to contact Pete cousins it”s been over 35 years since I managed the Teenage Polecats.Would be nice if he could visit our island. We can accommodate.stuart

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    If you are on Facebook, please type in Burderop Park Hospital if you want to see some pictures and other information.

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    Any information in Maiden Bradley recors re William Viney or ancestors. Grandfather worked for Duke of Somerset.Thanks

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    Any information re John Walton Stores Mere, My grandfather and father worked for them many years ago

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    I was born at 7505th USAF Hospital Burderop Park in 1956. My father was in the Army and stationed over there at the time, the Dr or Nurse that signed my certificate Capt. Milton H. Gotlib. I would love pictures of the area and any information. While stationed there, they lived at Andover Rd in Newbury/Bershire England

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    In 1953 I was serving in the RAF at Manby in Lincolnshire. I was posted to Gibraltar on a NATO exerciseand was sent to a transit camp at Clyffe Pypard ( Which I remember with great affection ). From there we flew from Lyneham to Gib in Coastal Command Hastings which took about 6 hours, that”s what I call flying.I suppose that the little camp at Clyffe Pypard no longer exists but any historical info about the area would be greatly appreciated.John MalcolmGatesheadTyne & Wear.

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    I’m looking for photographs and information on the 7505th USAF Hospital Buredrop Park. I was born there in July 1961, to my parents, Airman 1st Class Willie Gray Jr. (father) and Janet Grace Gray (formally Wallaker (mother)).

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    For those born at Buredrop Park USAF base seeking certificates of birth, Please check with the 8th Air USAF located at Ruslip Air force base UK. If that does work, try the Pentagon. I was the base phramacist at 7505th USAF Hospital Buredrop Park. 1958 to 1960.

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    I’m looking for information about my grandfather Francis W. Mitchell. All I know is he was born in 1886 at Colerne Wiltshire, I think his address was West Farm West Littleton

    Posted by

    Comment: I am trying to find the birth records or any records that will tell me the parents of william cromwell born in 1637 (approximately) in malmesbury wiltshire england or edith cromwell or richard cromwell Thank you sooo much.Vivian Cromwell

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    Comment: I am looking for any information on my ancester Isaac Gingell who married Alice Hampton in Melksham in 1848. I am having difficult in locating his birth which could be approx 1829 in Melksham. Any information would be a great help.

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    Comment: Looking for imformation on the Strongs that lived in Pewsey and Potterne in the 1820to 1890sHerbert Strong married Ann eliza Underwood children Samuel Ellen Fredrick George and Mary

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    I was born in Burderop Park in 1962 (my dad was in the Air Force) and I need a ceritfied copy of my birth certificate. Is there any way you can help me Thank you in advance 🙂

    Posted on 12/04/2010 by

    Comment: My Great,Great Grandfather,Stephen Payne Smith was born in Warminster,Crockerton in 1806,and he married Jane Rebekah (known as Rebecca) Hedgeland on 17 October 1829,at St Georges Church,Hanover Square,Westminster,London.Stephen Payne Smith”s father was Thomas Smith.Stephen Payne Smith had eight children,six daughters and two sons,and the whole Family immigrated to New Zealand on June 1851 on the ship Steadfast and landed at Lyttleton,Christchurch,New Zealand.I am wondering if there are anymore ancestors living in that area today as I have found another son,Samuel Richard Smith who did not come out with the rest of the family,so I presumed he stayed back to look after his Grandparents.I am Alister Smith and I live in Wellington,New Zealand,and looking here at the photos on the website here,it looks like a very beautiful place to be in.I hope to come over soon and trace my ancestors footsteps.Thanks very much for spending time in reading this.Alister Smith.

    Posted on 01/12/2009 by

    Comment: Is there any information available about Clarendon estate. I am particularly interested in the period 1832 to 1850 as I have Birth details for Holin HURST 3rd son of Henry HURST indicating he was born there. It is possible that Henry HURST was employed on the estate at that time. Any information, images etc of the estate during the period would be appreciated. Pam Hurst – South Australia

    Posted on 23/11/2009 by

    Does anyone on your team know a manor in Wiltshire called SEALYSCLEUDON…I have ancestors from there, John and Katherine More but can”t find the place anywhere online.

    Posted on 20/10/2009 by

    Enquiry: My son aged 12yrs recently showed interest in finding out about The St Johns Ambulance . I believe you run a voluntary cadets course in Salisbury . I would be interested in hearing more about this . Perhaps you could get back to me on this . Thanks .

    Posted on 28/09/2009 by

    I have lived in beautiful Wiltshire for just over a year.. I met my fiancee in Wiltshire on… I love the city of Salisbury So much… I was born in manchester and stayed there all my life until I found this wonderful place down south… I would like to say a massive thanks to all wiltshire people that made me feel at home here.. Sarah willis

    Posted on 25/09/2009 by

    I gather from earlier e-mails that the USAF hospital at Burderop no longer exists. My daughter was born there April ”61. Now reside in Virginia, USA. Any information or photos would be great.

    Posted on 22/09/2009 by

    If any of you are in Avebury this Saturday (26th September), you could I suppose do worse than pop in to the National Trust bookshop, where I”ll be signing copies of my just-published book, ”101 Things To Do With A Stone Circle” between 2 and 5. Geoff Holder

    Posted on 17/09/2009 by

    I was born at USAF Hospital at Burderop Park Oct 28 1952. I would like to know where I can get a certified copy of my birth record. Thank for the help.

    Posted on 24/08/2009 by

    i was born in some u.s..air force hospital, either in or near Swindon. I would love to have a picture of said hospital, and/or it”s address. or location. But wouild love to have a photo of this hospital. thank you my name is david fields, and I reside in Milan, Tennessee, u.s.a.

    Posted on 21/08/2009 by

    I am planning a trip to the Stourton, Downton, Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire areas and I am looking for directions to find 2 cemeteries in particular- one is St. Benedict”s Chapel, Bonham, Stourton, Wiltshire ( family Name is Moger)and the other is in Downton, Wiltshire and I have in my records Church of St. Lawrence and family names are Quinton and Wheeler. In the Longbridge Deverill area I have no cemetery name but the family name is Dunford. Could anyone provide those directions.

    Posted on 14/08/2009 by

    I am trying to locate an area of the United Kingdom called Marlborough Downs. Hopefully, this is the correct area of England. If so I plan to visit the area to do some research.

    Posted on 13/08/2009 by

    Comment: Hello!!! We recall the US Air Force Hospital in Burderop Park as my wife gave birth to our first child, a daughter, in Nov. 1962. Our daughter is now a grandmother. We now live in Saint Paul, Minnesota USA. Please email us if you wish.

    Posted on 12/08/2009 by

    Comment: Hello! I am looking for someone name Gladys Ballows (not sure about the spelling of the last name) who may at one time lived at 30 Studley Rise in Trowbridge wiltshire county back in the 1940”s. Anyone knows of her at this address Please email me at Thanks

    Posted on 09/08/2009 by

    Hi there, Looking for any information about William Snow, clockmaker from Marlborough, Wiltshire about 1650. Rather difficult to trace from Cape Town, South Africa. Regards Nigel Snow

    Posted on 16/07/2009 by

    Comment: Hi all was looking for some information, am looking to move to Burbage in Aug/Sept from London and was wondering if there is anything locally to do to make some new friends as i am a little worried about being isloated there im 33, single and dont have any children so cant mt people through schools etc Grateful for any advice

    Posted on 30/06/2009 by

    I”m looking for information on the FARTHING family from Zeals and Mere .Elizabeth Farthing (b. 30/12/1844) in Zeals was the daughter of Francis Farthing (b. 1814)It seems as though the family were Catholics who attended St. Benedict”s Chapel in Bonham.I understand the chapel is now a private house but wondered whether the graveyard still exists Any information or photos would be great. Heather Adams.

    Posted on 30/06/2009 by

    Hi Everyone, my grandmother was born in Wiltshire, I think around the Devizes area, her name was Avis Alice King and she was born in 1882, I have an old photo dated 1910 of a house that she lived in, in Sandy Lane, I also have lots of photo`s dating from 1908 up to around 1945 of area`s in Wiltshire, some of the places I have no information on, maybe someone out there can put a place or family name to them.

    Posted on 22/06/2009 by

    Comment: I am searching for a friend of my family with whom we have lost contact. Both my brothers have died and my mother would love to hear from one of their dear friends John Smethem who was in the RAF now retired last known address Wooton Basset. Any help finding John would be most welcome. thank you. Irene nee Smith.

    Posted on 11/06/2009 by

    Hi from Sweden!I am Anna, 37 years old… Just wondering if you
    could tell me some information about Robbie Williams and his commitment
    in Wiltshire since he has experienced phenomenon “out of this world”…
    And I have also read he is very interested about the UFO issue… And there is alot of UFO-activity around Wiltshire as I also have read about…. ;0)I have heard he has joined some club in Wiltshire….Is that correct?I would appreciate so much if someone can inform me more about all this!THANK YOU!Warmest regards: Anna Sundström in Sweden!

    Posted on 24/04/2009 by Steve,

    Comment: I am trying to find any relatives of a mine from the wiltshire area mainly trowbrige.My name is stephen Banner and i was born on the 21st September 1952 in Bradford upon Avon. My father was called George Banner and my mother i believe was called Gladys I have never met them and would like any information any one could give

    Posted on 24/04/2009 by

    Comment: i was born on the usaf base at the burderop hospital in 1959 to a welsh mother & american father. is there anyway to find my birth certificate from this now long gone facility would anyone know who to contact regarding personal documents of this kind if so, thanks in advance. i haven”t been back over since 1978 & omg i miss my welsh family & would love to take me mum back to be with her surviving brothers & sister. cheers, terry dawson

    Posted on 23/04/2009 by

    Comment: my Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandfather died from shock immersion in river avon, sucide under temporary insanity in 1876. do you think this might of been recorded in the local paper I have this information from his death certificate.

    Posted on 23/04/2009 by

    Comment: I was NCOIC of Air Force Clkinics and Emergency Room at RAF Burderop Park, from 1955 to 1959. I loved Swindon and Wilts. Several times a week I call an English friend of mine and another. I also keep in contact with asnother friend by tape. My twins were born at Burderop Hospital.

    Posted on 17/04/2009 by

    Comment: How can I contact the church of All Saints &Bartholomews as my brother and I want to research our family history since our ancestors were in Hilmartin from at least the 17th centuary.

    Posted on 16/04/2009 by

    Comment: Where can I get information or whom should I contact regarding the birth of a male child born at the United States Air Force Hospital in Burderop Park I believe that this person was born on 7 September 1952 and died the same day.

    Posted on 14/04/2009 by

    Comment: I am looking for decendence of William and Eliza (Purnell) Vennell. I am their GG-granddaughter. My G-grandfather was John H. Vennell, b. 1854 in Trowbridge. d. 1904 Sanford Maine, USA. My father was his grand-son also named John H. Vennell. I know the names of his siblings, Rhoda and Leah Vennell. I believe the sister Rhoda married James Hewitt. His older brother William and sister Ruth Vennell Randall also came to the USA.

    Posted on 03/04/2009 by

    Hello, I am looking for any info regarding a Thomas Beasant 1750 Broad Hinton, who went on to live in Preshute. Would be grateful to hear anything about this side of the family, and even make contact with distant cousins.Regards, Lynnette.

    Posted on 31/03/2009 by

    looking for any information regarding a USAF hospital at Burderop Park , near Swindon or Wiltshire in the 1950”s or earlier

    Posted on 25/03/2009 by

    The Wiltshire Web Team has received the following request from The Blake Heritage Foundation, USA..can anybody assist?Enquiry: We”re researching the Norman Conquest, and understand that King William I installed one of his knights as lord of the manor of Quemerford, a couple of miles SE of Calne, probably about AD 1070. We would appreciate help in documenting this colorful story for a family history book.

    Posted on 16/02/2009 by

    The pictures of Wiltshire in the snow are really nice, do you have any more for us to view

    Posted on 19/01/2009 by

    Recently went to a stamp fair at St. James hall in trowbridge and was wondering if there are going to be anymore happening in the next few months

    Posted on 19/01/2009 by

    Looking for information on Lower Woodford and Little Durnford.Researching family -Sydney Wright born around 1881 and working in 1911 as a Coachman in Little Durnford. His family lived at LIttle Durnford Lodge…would this be part of Little Durnford Manor and is it still thereEllen Wright born around 1880, born in Martin WiltshireEdward Wright born in Little Durnford around 1906 and his sister Elsie Wright born around 1910. I know that Elsie later worked in Lower Woodford as a dairy maid.Any help would be appretiated. Especially concerned Elsie May Wright.

    Posted on 16/01/2009 by

    It”s so nice to see a website full of useful information about Wiltshire. We are thinking about moving to the area and this website really shows what the county has to offer. I see that you are recently re-launched, please let us know when the property section has some local agencies on. I think the Wiltshire-Web will be a great help for us and I will be checking back soon to see what is new.

    Posted on 12/01/2009 by

    Looking for any information on the family of John Sayer and Hannah Maurice ( Morris) they resided in Sherston Magan at the turn of 1800 They had two sons I believe on died and one was transported They ahd several /daughters Hannah/Sarah/Eliza/elizabeth/Susan /Phebe/Harriett Is there a record of children born out of wed lock and if it names the father

    Posted on 22/12/2008 by

    looking for some one in melksham who is reasearching the name selfe/selfe.mail me at usa

    Posted on 22/12/2008 by

    Hello from Pennsylvania, USA…Am seeking descendents of Buffington family in Wiltshire who may have researched this family. Much information to be had from late 1600”s on here when they came to Pennsylvania, but very little to go on before that time. Andrea Maxwell, New Castle, PA

    Posted on 01/12/2008 by

    Hello… researching family roots … I wondered if “Longbridge Deverill” and “Deverill Hill” are located near one another, I cannot seem to locate them appropriately on a map. Some of my ancestors came from Longbridge Deverill and I wondered if they may have been used interchangably in older days, or perhaps there is a local historical office that might better be able to answer some questions about this. I wasn’t able to find a website etc on line.My thanks.
    Betty Drain, Warsaw, Ontario, Canada

    Posted on 15/10/2008 by MCCARTHYIRELAND47@COMCAST.NET


    Posted on 30/11/2004 by

    Please Please Please does anyone know where SHALBROW was or is? Thankyou

    Posted on 03/10/2004 by

    Has anyone found a Fancis Seymour born c1804-05 not sure where or to whom. He died 19 August 1876 at Mere, Wiltshire & he married Jane Thompson Cooper in 1826 at East Knoyle, Wiltshire & was Superintendant registrar of births & deaths at Mere, As far as I know he had issue: Eliza Margaret baptised1828, Louisa Jane born 1828, John Cooper baptised 1828, Henry baptised 1831, Mary Amelia, Susan & Sydney. The first four were born at East Knoyle, Wiltshire but have not found other births. Jane Thompson Cooper was born 1804 in Shaftsbury, Dorset. Jane”s parent”s were John Cooper & Lucy Rebecca Aires. My line is through Louisa Jane Seymour who came to Tasmania in 1843. Any chance that you have come across this family in your research. Hoping to hear of any connections.Kaye Wilson

    Posted on 06/09/2004 by

    HiI am calling from Australia and am seeking the name or copies of the video of the chalk horse and the blind girl I viewed as a child….can anyone help ??
    It was televised late 70”s ( I am 34)….I have seen the video a few years ago showing my child who has since a desire to have a copy but I cannot remember the name of it..Would love to hear from anyone who knows where I can source a copy or the name at least of the movie/series.Many thanksDeb

    Posted on 02/09/2004 by

    Hello from Tockenham I have produced a book on the village of Tockenham, nr Wootton Bassett. It is a light historical look at the village, suitable for young and old alike. It has lots of coloured pictures as well as many very old black and white ones. It can be obtained from me price £8.75 plus p&p 58pence. Please send an e.mail if you are interested and I will contact you. The profits from the sale of the book will go to the ”fete fund” which raises money for the renervation and upkeep of the church and to provide amenities for the village. Thank you.

    Posted on 25/08/2004 by

    we emigrated to Australia in 1969,originaly from Steeple Ashton,born in Devizes,trying to trace any relatives of Griffin who lived in Lock House on the canal devizes,my mother was one of their fifteen children she died two years ago at Warminster,as a child i lived at Monkton Deverill in the then pub the new inn,like to hear from anyone who remembers me

    Posted on 24/08/2004 by

    I intend to visit Wiltshire next year and would like to know of the where abouts of Buttermere,in the counties of Wilts,Hants and Berks, as per the 1871 census. Iam trying to trace my anscestor Samuel Waite.
    Yours Sincerely Keith H Maisey, Canada.

    Posted on 05/07/2004 by

    LOOKING FOR VENNELLSI am looking for anyone who knew of my great-great grandfather, John Henry Vennell. He was born in Trowbridge around 1854. He served in the Royal Navy on the HMS Dryad. He relocated to Rhode Island in the United States sometime after 1883. I know that he still had family in Trowbridge, because I have some very old correspondence from that time. Could anyone help me? Please e-mail

    Posted on 25/06/2004 by

    my name is susan..41 years ago i was born at a united states airforce hospital in burerop park wiltshire england..i have been looking for someone to write to for information about this place..we came home to the states when i was still an infant..i”ve never even seen pictures of where i was born..if you can email me and let me know if you can help me i”d appreciate it very much…thank you,
    susan awbrey
    Louisiana,United States

    Posted on 22/06/2004 by

    Hello all,
    I”m organising a sponsored Mountain Bike ride on the Ridgeway for WaterAid. The event will take place on the 12th September. If you would like additional details or an entry form – please visit

    Posted on 01/06/2004 by

    I”m searching for open gardens in Bradford on Avon. Can any one advise please?

    Posted on 24/05/2004 by

    Interesting site and a county I sadly know little about. – I havejust discovered from the 1881 census that my great grandparents were born in Polthorne, Wiltshire. I have been trying to discover where Polthorne is to no avail. Is there anyone who could give me some help on this? Their names were George and Julia Jefferies and they moved to London by about 1870 – Greenwich actually where their children were born.
    I live in Sydney Australia so I am very reliant on the web to help me solve these misteries.Secondly can anyone tell me where to find details of the land on which Stonehenge stands – who did it originally belong to?Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.Marilyn Evans
    Sydney Australia 24/05/04

    Posted on 08/04/2004 by

    DANCESwindon National Dance Agency
    Town Hall Studios, Regent Circus Swindon
    01793 463210Offers professional performances in its 98-seat theatre at at Swindon”s Wyvern Theatre, as well as a wide range of classes, courses and special workshops. Call to go on the free mailing list, or check out its wesbite:

    Posted on 08/04/2004 by

    The Great Western Railway Museum in Faringdon Road Swindon closed a few years ago!
    There is the STEAM Museum, at the Churchward Park, Rodbourne instead…which house a large collection of railway memorabelia, engines, mock-up platform, with guides who work in the Great Western Railway works in Swindon – on which the museum is sighted. The Designer Outlet Centre is housed in the remainder of the original rail workshops. A fascinating place to visit – for all the family.

    Posted on 29/03/2004 by

    My Gt Grandmother Jane Hinton died in Sutton Veny in 1873. I have a photo of her gravestone.I would like to locate it. Some of the family had attended church at a Chapel. There is a chapel in the High Street in Sutton Veny in the 1881 census and I wondered if anyone could tell me if it is still there.
    Margaret in Australia

    Posted on 23/02/2004 by

    Please can you help me? My father did his National Service on Salisbury Plain in 1948/49. Whilst based at New Zealand Farm he remembers a stone monument which read something like ”In (date) (name) dropped dead on this spot having been pursued across Salisbury Plain”.Over the weekend we visited the area around West Lavington, Devizes and New Zealand Farm trying to find this monument without success.Thank you in anticipation for any information you might find on this stone monument.Many thanksCath Roberts

    Posted on 22/02/2004 by

    I found Wiltshire Notes and Queries in Salisbury Reference Library and have now pubished the works of the Reverend Rashleigh Duke on my website. This work includes the history of the Duke family who lived at Lake House. It can be found at
    It may be of interest to someone!

    Posted on 02/02/2004 by

    I am attempting to find history and information on Wolf Hall. Does it still stand? I”d like informantion please.

    Posted on 30/01/2004 by w

    HISTORY OF WOOTTON BASSETTThe first reference to “Wodeton” was in the year 681, when it was a Saxon settlement in a clearing in a wood. This turned to “Wootton” which it remained until Alan Bassett, a Norman who became Lord of the Manor in about 1200.The town is mentioned in the Domesday Book, and has held a weekly market since the year 1219.As far as we know, it took a couple of hundred more years before Wootton Bassett elected it”s first Mayor, John Wollmonger, who also ran the market and acted as chief magistrate and coroner. It was around this time that the town also sent two MPs to parliament, and later aquired the infamy of being known as a ”Rotten Borough” for its dubious electoral practices.Henry VIII”s last wife, Katherine Parr, owned Vastern Manor in Wootton Bassett, where he allegedly kept a mistress. It was Henry who instructed the town to record its births, deaths and marriages (you have to wonder why!) and the parish church, St Bartholomews and All Saints, has records dating back to 1594.

    And now a mention for our curious Town Hall! It was built at the end of the 17th century, a gift from the Hyde family (Earls of Clarendon). The Earl of Clarendon was a close adviser to both Charles I and II, and was instrumental in the restoration of the monarchy.

    Wootton Bassett has a beautiful High Street with many buildings every bit as old as the Town Hall, and interesting, independent shops with free parking. Find us a mile or so off junction 16 from the M4 motorway.

    Posted on 25/01/2004 by

    In or around 1956, my father was serving with the army in Egypt, but as his tour with the Army was comnig to an end, my mother and myself and my brother were shipped to a Camp in Corsham – twelve foot high fencing all round – entry and departure through the main gate – the place had its won School, visiting doctor and dentist and at first all the “in-mates” ate in a communal dining block.This was truly a refugee camp for Britons (or worse).Does anyone know where this camp was and what became of this camp – any more memories from folks out there?

    Posted on 20/01/2004 by

    I am researching the history of the Luckman family,my great-great grandfather was Rev. William James Grant Luckman who was at St.Mary”s,Castle Eaton; his son, Charles Roscoe Montague Luckman took over the parish on his father”s death in 1898. There were 12 living children in the family and I would be glad of any information on them.I have very few photos of the family and would appreciate any photos of events in the parish of Castle Eaton in which members of the family may have been involved.Please contact me at the following e-mail address.

    Posted on 14/01/2004 by

    Warminster.I hope you don”t mind, but I would like to add some comments on the origins of the name Warminster.It does, as you say mean something like “Minster on/or by the river Were”. Both the Minster church and the river Were still exist today. The Minster church of St Denys is situated on the Bath road on the western outskirts of the town. Parts of this church may date back to the Norman period or even the late Saxon. I remember reading a report in the Warminster Journal some years ago of a “Saxon” mural being found during renovation work in the church. I believe Devizes museum may have the detials.According to the Wessex Archaeology Trust report on the excavations in Emwell Street Warminster: the site of the original West Saxon minster(circa 700AD)was to be found on the opposite side of the Bath road from its present location,in the grounds of the modern day Warminster School.The river Were (apparently it derives its name from the saxon for “the wanderer”) is more of a stream today and meanders around the Minster churchyard. It is supposedly also known as the Swan river, but I have never heard any fellow local refer to it as anything but the Were. It is also shown on the Ordnance Survey map, Wanderer 143, as the Were and is a tributrary of the Wylye.

    I do hope my comments have not offended.



    Posted on 12/01/2004 by

    Hello ,re Dale Curtis.
    I am also tracing my Curtis ancestors in Warminster.
    My 4x Gt Grandfather was Benjamin m. to Sarah.
    His son John Curtis m Sarah Lainsbury 1846 Warminster.
    His daughter Comfort , my G G Grandmother married Thomas Cooper Warminster1884.If you recognize anyone, Dale, give me a call.
    Happy hunting.
    Regards Elaine Smith.

    Posted on 22/12/2003 by

    I have a pleasant watercolour entitled Lake House, Kew Duke, Nr Salisbury. It was painted on 4th June 1859, by an amateur lady artist whose father was a wealthy Manchester Mill owner(property now a National Trust Museum)and whose uncle was the first MP for Manchester (Mark Phillips). Does anyone think it might be saleable?

    Posted on 20/11/2003 by JPAYNERING@AOL.COM


    Posted on 19/11/2003 by

    I realy enjoyed this site the reason for my viset is my g-grandfarther was
    born in Towbridg Wiltshire in 1835 his name was Henry Greenland i woud be
    interested hearing from eny one serching the same name he died in 1916 in
    Darlington Durham I live in Melbourne Austraila

    Posted on 14/11/2003 by

    I love this site. I was born in Wiltshire but immigrated to Australia in 1958. It is so good to be able to learn about my birth place through this site. I have returned to England twice and hope to do so again quite soon. I would love to be to find an old school friend of mine. I hope she looks at this site or some-one may know of her. Her name Carol White and lived in Moredon Swindon. If she is married I don”t know her surname. Congratulations on this site.

    Posted on 07/11/2003 by

    Congratulations to Wiltshire that they have so much geneological information on the web. I recently discovered that my great-grandmother Maria Louisa Prangley was born 15th April 1844 at the Cheeses Market Saint Thomas. She had 11 children and I am looking for more information on this family. She married Edward Newcombe. I live in New Hampshire. We are now all rediscovering the Salisbury area.Jane Knox

    Posted on 05/11/2003 by

    I am trying to locate the company producing Wilthsire knives. Anyone out there help me?

    Posted on 02/11/2003 by

    Hello Wiltshire ”Mayells”.
    Further to my post dated 16/11/2001…… I committed the sin of assumption….. :o(
    Mary Ann Wade Mayell was not the mother of Ishmael (she was his cousin.. daughter of Levi and Emma.)
    So, my Great Grandmother was Mary Mayell (born Corsham abt. 1859) daughter of Francis and Mary (married 1834, Bradford on Avon)
    Can you make any connection to my tree ?Regards……. Polly (Mayell) Hubery

    Posted on 01/11/2003 by

    I”m looking to find ”Victory Tours” of 31 High Street, Handley, Shropshire, Wiltshire, esp. Sharon Ground. I am a fairly novice user of the Web, and can”t seem to find an on-line telephone directory available to me here in Alberta, Canada! Love the web-site, esp all the comments with people looking for geneology links. Thanks, Elaine

    Posted on 20/10/2003 by

    My great grandfather Joseph Salter was born at Market Lavington, Wiltshire about 1864. He moved to Cheshire with his wife Mary in the 1880s. Mary had been born around 1868 in Upham, Hampshire. I would be interested to learn more about the family and link to any Wiltshire / Hampshire kin.Keith Johnson, Wellington, New Zealand

    Posted on 17/10/2003 by

    I am trying to find out whether The Flower Show Field, Bradford Road, Trowbridge still exists? I lived in a house as a child that backed on to the field and wondered whatever happened to it!

    Posted on 17/10/2003 by

    I am a WW II veteran who stayed in a hospital in Wilshire from 14 Jan 1945 to 10 March 1945. While I was there I visited Lady Roundways home near the American Hospital Plant 4130. If I can find out the English town that Lady Roundway”s estate is then I would have a lead to finding out what General Hospital was nearby. I would very much appreciate any help in this hunt. My present home is near Palm Springs, Ca USA

    Posted on 10/10/2003 by

    Hello from Goshen, Connecticut, USA
    My 3xgrtgrandfather Robert Gingell married Sarah Fryars, 6 Nov. 1824 in Highworth, Wiltshire. I have not been able to find Parents or siblings. Can someone there in Wiltshire shed some light on this family. Robert and Sarah had 3 sons born in Highworth, Richard C. b1824, John, b1826, William, b1826(my 2xgrdfather) and Robert, b.abt.1829/30, born at sea. He died in 1835. Any infro on Sarah”s family would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to find Roberts family. So far I”ve hit a brickwall on these two families. Many, Many thanks for any infro. This site is very interesting as it gives some insight to where my ancestors are from. Please keep up the great work. Best Regards to All.
    Clint.Gangell My email is

    Posted on 09/10/2003 by

    Can you tell me any more about a man named Drax who vandalised Silbury Hill (possibly in the late-Victorian era)? I believe he was trying to bore a hole through from the top.

    Posted on 08/10/2003 by

    Poor old Swindon – defined as ”pig hill”. I always thought ”ton” or ”don” meant town/enclosure/settlement. Wouldn”t a kinder definition be ”wild boar enclosure?
    Also, in the list of Wiltshire towns/villages, where is Highworth. I know it is almost off the Wiltshire map, but we are still in the county. It has a lovely church, has been settled since way before many Wiltshire towns and John Betjeman wrote about Sunday afternoon in Highworth (as well as a poem about Swindon).

    Posted on 06/10/2003 by

    please give lots of pics of stately homes,their grounds,interiors,longleat lions.we dont have any in india,and i love these,so bot not disappoint,please.I am Indian,live in New Delhi,cannot come to uk,as my dogs shadow me all the time.Mixed breed,extraordinarily handsome mixture of miniature samoyed and dam was jumble of small white breeds. NOT of Newtonian intellect. The other is a happy mix of doberman,german shephard[I hope] and standard Indian street dog.Of Newtonian intellect at least. She says so.They both watch Discovery and bbc world[HORIZON].PL publish.

    Posted on 25/03/2003 by

    My family name is Wiltshire and although we originally ”migrated to the London area in the mid 17th century I would be interested in anything to do with the history of our family. I have been told that our coat of arms is a chevron with six crosses of St John in a 4-2 placing. Can anyone show this design.

    Posted on 06/03/2003 by

    I am also doing this homework and i cannot find anythng, if you have any information can you please email it to me too, thankyou

    Posted on 17/02/2003 by

    I am trying to trace my ancestors on my mothers side. My grandmothers nee name was Dudley born in Lambourn berkshire about the late 1880`s.Married Thomas Redding and lived in Newbury. They had 9 children.Anyone out there related to me?!

    Posted on 17/02/2003 by

    I have a pretty watercolour of Lake House, painted on June 4th 1861. It was painted by the daughter of a wealthy northern mill owner. She seems to have travelled all over the country staying at beautiful houses and painting them. Can anyone tell me who lived in Lake House in 1861 please. I know Sting lives there now, as did Emma Tennants grandparents.

    Posted on 17/02/2003 by

    Hi everyone
    I am trying to research my family history. I am having trouble finding any of my family ancestoral from 1845 back. My ancestoral are:
    James Hillier (b.1845 around Enford)who married Jane Hale (b.1844 around Enford. They had 5 children.
    1. George Hale (b.1864)
    2. Henry Hillier (b.1867)
    3. William Hillier (b.1869)
    4. Harriett Hillier (b.1873)
    5. Ann Hillier (b.1844)
    If anyone have any information on this side of the Hillier family I and my family would appreciate it.Thank You
    Rev. Bill Meadows

    Posted on 13/02/2003 by

    Hi! My name is Stefanie Harms. I come from Norden, Germany, but used to spend a year in Bradford-on-Avon as an “exchange student” in 1992/1993. My name then was Peters. I stayed with Kate Moore and Hugh Dent and their family in Bradford Leigh/Fairfield House. Unfortunately, we do not stay in contact anymore. Does anyone know their new address?
    Many thanks!
    Steffi Harms

    Posted on 07/02/2003 by

    Have a look at the Trowbridge Chat Room. Go to the top of this page and click on the Trowbridge coat of arms logo/icon.There are many issues concerning the revedevelopment of the County Town of Wiltshire that would benefit from a more wide ranging series of comments, questions and points of view.Have a look and have your say. It could help determine the long term future of the town.regards, jeff osborn

    Posted on 03/02/2003 by

    This is not really a comment but a query – Having this evening watched a programme on digital TV – ”UKHistory” on the subject of Stonehenge, I was surprised to hear Dr Julian Richards state that the sarsens were obtained from the area near Avebury. I had always understood that they were ”bluestones” from the Presily range in S Wales, and despite arguments for glacial placement in the Salisbury Plain area, were transported by human devices.
    Could you pleased tell me whether I misunderstood Dr Richard”s statement, or has a new theory been established? Possibly Dr R was propounding his support for the glacial theory.
    Yours most sincerely,John W Thexton

    Posted on 03/02/2003 by

    Does anyone know the age and history of the group of four cottages situated
    on the Calne to Chippenham Rd backing on to Bowood estate.They are a few hundred yards from the Soho Pub.I live in the one called Lydda but it uses to be called Braize cottage. I would be very grateful for any imformation,thanks

    Posted on 01/02/2003 by

    My son and his friend are traveling from Australia,and they will be heading to Divizes to live for a while…….Can anyone please give any info on how is the best way for them to get from London to Devizes using Public Transport…Buses/Train etc….They arrive in London on the 9th Feb at about 1.00pm or there abouts…any help would be much appriciated…You can leave message here or write to me at
    Thanks for any assistance in Advance

    Posted on 29/01/2003 by

    Hello! I´m from Argentina. I´m really interested in your country as it is full of history and mistery. In fact I have enjoyed reading your web page very much. Perhaps you can tell me if everything that is heard about crop circles is true.
    I would very much appreciate if you send me information about this fact and/or stories about enchanted castles.
    Thank you in advance,Verónica

    Posted on 26/01/2003 by

    I’m interested in info on Bonham Parish/Gasper. Writing a memior and I spent time in this area during the war. Went to school next to the Bonham Catholic church. Is there any history or pictures available.
    Many thanks

    Posted on 24/01/2003 by

    The status of planned building on greenfield sites all across the British countryside is alarming. I am pleased our present District Cllr Jeff Osborne is taking this serious by turning these applications down. Thanks Andrew Trowbridge Wiltshire

    Posted on 23/01/2003 by

    In response to my friend Andrew Hungerford – I can assure him that at West Wiltshire District Council we have no planning permissions for houses or other developments in the flood plain in the current District Plan.The only one that was in there was for employment land at Murray Walk in Melksham. That was for Cooper Avon but they withdrew it and Melksham Town Council is now trying to get the land for recreational use.I wish you would get yourself elected Andrew. All that energy and interest is going to waste.Jeff Osborn – Trowbridge, Wiltshire

    Posted on 22/01/2003 by

    What do people think about the rapid lost of countryside to the devolopement of Greenfield sites? It’s estimated that up to 166 square miles of Greenfield sites are currently being viewed for possible building work. Most is for houses and most is on Floodplains. Do people think this is asking for trouble at a date in the future? Trowbridge Wiltshire

    Posted on 21/01/2003 by

    Hi to any resident who lives in Hilmarton. I have learnt a lot about this village. Is their any one in this village who could send me some photos or post cards. I would refund by return mail. My 2nd Great Grandfather lived in the village and was a cardwinder. James and Mary Taylor is their any relative out there.

    Posted on 17/01/2003 by

    Glad to see we have got a local chatroom.I was hoping to see Andrew Hungerford of Trowbridge on here as his letter to the Wiltshire Times prompted my interest in this outlet.I am always interested in local people’s view on how Trowbridge should be developed.Jeff Osborn

    Posted on 16/01/2003 by

    andy paton your mate rob perkins from coventry \s is looking for you pleice get in tuch pp all the way *any one who mite nowair andy is please email at thankyou this is really important as i have soime news for him i know he is in the swindon area

    Posted on 15/01/2003 by

    I’m researching hotels in Salisbury, convenient to the cathedral, en suite with a nice pub nearby. Can’t seem to find anything that looks nice without being very expensive. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Posted on 15/01/2003 by

    I had a strange experience where I live in beverley at 11:55pm Wellington Sheltered flats. I live on my own in a bedsit went to sleep early. locked the doors and there was no one but me. about 11:55 I was awaken by the feeling of someone sitting down by the side of me on my bed and them lifting my quilt cover up as if they were getting into the bed . because I was asleep I jump and said excuse me then i heard small footstep walking away and my bathroom door shutting quitley. i Turned the light on quickley and everything was the same as it was before I went to sleep please teall me what may have happened or what the buildings used to be before they were flats.or see if they were haunted .lucy Beverley

    Posted on 14/01/2003 by

    Hello, just a visiter from Holland ( the Netherlands )
    I’m Claire and i’m a highschool student. For school I need to search
    on internet and I came on this site. Greetings to everybody I know!

    Posted on 13/01/2003 by

    Getting married this year and the wife to be wants the big day in st.anne and all angels church in winterbourne,however we cant seem to find a contact name or number…any help????t/i/a

    Posted on 12/01/2003 by

    Hello, i am looking for any residents of New road during 1965/1966. In particular the name of the local shop, and who owned it. I am interested in finding the shop owners neice who was called shirly. Shirley had a young son and she moved to Andover in 1966 with her partner George Russell. Any help would be great. Thankyou.

    Posted on 12/01/2003 by

    Hi.Bit of a longshot, but I have a set of kitcken knives which are made by the Wiltshire company. Has anyone heard of this and is it located in Wiltshire?
    If you can help please message me with the tele numbers etc.Thanks
    Ian Black

    Posted on 20/12/2002 by

    i was born sept 17th 1953 on a former american air base near or in burderop park. i would like any info, maps or any other data pertaining to this area as i’m very curious. thank you. gene v. hayes

    Posted on 12/12/2002 by

    Hi, I’m interested in any information on the ‘Hiscock’ family and their connection with All Cannings, can anyone help?.
    many thanks,
    steve hiscoe

    Posted on 29/11/2002 by

    I am gettig married and cannot find any monor hotels in Wiltshire to hold a reception – can you please help???Many thanksHelen Renshaw

    Posted on 27/11/2002 by

    My name is Cara Amor and I live in Southern Ontario in Canada. My family originally came from Pewsey in Wiltshire in about 1910. My grandfather’s name was William Amor and my grandmother’s name was Annie Parsons. Are there any Amors out there, still living in Pewsey?!?!? I would love to hearfrom anyone!

    Posted on 14/11/2002 by

    My name is Lisa Bessant and I’m a freelance writer working for a range of women’s weekly magazines. At the moment I’m putting together a piece about remarrying after the death of a spouse. I’ve found one lady with a very touching story. But I’m now looking for a man. Does this sound like you, or anyone you know? They would need to be between the ages of 21 and 45, remarried within a couple of years of losing their wife. We want to touch upon the issues of friends and families reactions (maybe some people were not encouraging at first)and hightlight thatit is possible to find love a second time round. You will have copy approval and will be paid a fee for an interview and pictures.

    Posted on 09/11/2002 by

    I have just spent an enjoyable weekend camping near Westbury, and went to visit the Westbury white horse. I have visted quite a lot of chalk hill figures around the south of England but was rather surprised to find this particular one was made of concrete. Out of interest, when did it change from chalk to concrete and why? The concrete is not mentioned in any books I have about hill figures. Thanks.
    Charlotte from Kingston, Surrey

    Posted on 30/10/2002 by

    I served in the Royal Corps of Signals, years 1951-52. After training at Catterick Garrison in Yorkshire some of us spent about a month during the summer of 1951 with “Southern Command Signal Regiment” in a wooden hutted camp beside a beautiful village. That was Festival of Britain year. Wiltshire, especially Salisbury made a big impression on me so a friend and I spent a week visiting the area earlier this year. Apart from the traffic I was delighted to find most of the area just as delightful as I remembered it from over half a century ago.
    But I never found the village, or the camp I had been stationed at! Did I only dream it?
    We provided the communications for umpires during an exercise to re-form an army Division then were posted to units scattered from Gib to Korea in the autumn.
    Visiting the Royal Sigs. museum at Blandford Forum brought home to me the many changes in army communications since those far off days.
    Irvine, Scotland

    Posted on 25/10/2002 by

    My grandfather Stuart Lever was originally from Tidsbury (settled in Liverpool) looking for my relatives ‘online’ to keep in touch. I visited Wiltshire Tidsbury a few years ago such a beautiful place if any relatives of mine are reading this would love to hear from you
    Lynne Dempsey daughter of Dorothy Dempsey (nee Lever)

    Posted on 24/10/2002 by

    Robert EYRE was born 30 Jan 1648/49, the same day King Charles I was executed, parents unknown. He was apprenticed to William ROGERS, a merchant of Bristol.
    Francis SMITH, gentleman of Devizes, Wilts, purchased 500 acres of land from William PENN in Sep 1681. He sent his son, Francis, and Robert EYRE to Pennsylvania to settle his land there.
    Robert EYRE md: Francis EYRE’s daughter,Ann.It has been fascinating studying the history of the EYRE family in Wiltshire prior to 1682, especially the period of the Civil War and the EYRE family’s part. Of particular interest has been:Capt. Thomas EYRE, grandson of Thomas EYRE and Elizabeth ROGERS through their 4th son, Thomas EYRE, was appointed by Cromwell as Governor of Devizes. He was taken prisoner to Oxford but in 1646 was released at the intervention in part of Sir John DANVERS amongst others. Nov 1648 King Charles I was being held by Col EWER in Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight. Col EWER was instructed to convey the King to Hurst Castle, Capt Thomas EYRE, now a Colonel, was also Governor of Hurst Castle and thus was required to take the King into his charge at Hurst Castle until receipt of further orders. Five weeks later the King was transferred from Hurst Castle to Windsor and in less than two months, 30 Jan 1649, was executed.andCol William EYRE of Neston, grandson of Sir William EYRE of Great Chalfield and Anne BAYNTON of Bromham through their son, Sir William EYRE of Neston and his wife, Hester COOKE, was a member of Parliament and active in the strife in Wiltshire during the Civil War[8]. He was a rather colorful character and perhaps even a bit of a rogue and highwayman.Both of these two EYREs seemed likely candidates as a possible sire for our Robert EYRE but no record can be found of a son, Robert, for either Thomas or William, who could be our Robert.And, of course, we can not help but be fascinated with the beauty and history of the manor of Great Chalfield.We are planning a trip from mid-Michigan in the USA to the Wiltshire area within the next year or two and really look forward to Burghley or Badminton as well to combine our interests in genealogy, history and eventing.

    Posted on 08/10/2002 by

    Issac Iles born 1800, Wiltshire. England. sailed on Proteus to Australia married 1835 to Elizabeth Gifford ancesters sought in England

    Posted on 28/09/2002 by

    Team MUSCIT are highly excited by the music scene that’s starting in the Trowbridge area at the moment, but at the same time we’re worried. Worried that the lack of exposure of these bands means they are being ignored, worried that the local press doesn’t care enough about music, worried that Trowbridge is constantly being overwhelmed by Bristol and Swindon. So here is the alternative, a web-zine written about the Trowbridge area and the many wonderful acts you can see here. This web-zine has been brought to you by enthusiastic music lovers, for music lovers. enjoy!

    Posted on 22/09/2002 by

    Greetings to my Wiltshire “cousins”.My ancestry includes the Bubb,Ball,Carey,
    Pierce,Porter,Salter/Salster,Tanner,and Teagle families (among others) of the Seagry/Great Somerford area of Wiltshire.Would like more information on these families and/or the area.Thanks,Ronald H. BUBB,Toledo,Ohio (USA).

    Posted on 19/09/2002 by

    We have a Isaac Walton jug with the picture of flyfisherman to the front and a short verse to the rear.We would be greatful if anyone could send us any information about this.

    Posted on 19/09/2002 by

    I have an oak arm chair made by John Walton & Co, Ltd of Mere, Wilt. Can anyone give me any information on this maker?Gene

    Posted on 16/09/2002 by

    I am researching one of my ancestors Dr William REDFERN and his family.William REDFERN was sentenced to hang in the UK following the mutiny of the Nore. Later the sentence was commuted to life transportation to Australia. He became a leading medical pioneer in early Australia and his life is well documented.However I believe William and a brother Thomas were born in Canada, William in 1774/5, although other information suggests that he was born in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. The brothers then came to England for education, either with their parents or alone. It is believed that William was christened in Trowbridge in 1777 and spent his early life there, and that his brother Thomas died in Trowbridge.Any additional information on William or his family would be much appreciated.

    Posted on 08/09/2002 by

    I’m a professional singer and would like to send my demo to Sting (Mr. Gordon M. Sumner) but I don’t know where to send it to. I was thinking of his studio in the Lake House (Wiltshire?). Would you be able to forward me an address to the Lake House?If you would I will be forever thankful, THANK YOU!!!Jamila,Stockholm, Sweden

    Posted on 29/08/2002 by

    Hello, My name is Theresa Wedlock and I found out that the first settlers came from Wiltshire and were seated as Lords. Can you tell me more?

    Posted on 20/08/2002 by

    I am planning to visit Wiltshire (Stonehenge, the White Horses etc…). Is it better that I hire a car in London (airport) to drive to Wiltshire or can I move around by bus? Can you let me know the route and/or a suggested itinerary covering about 3-4 days?
    Thanks a lot,

    Posted on 11/08/2002 by

    We have visited Wiltshire on numerous occasions and have found the countryside pleasant. To our astonishment we find an ancestor Edmond John Ellis and his family -Wife Elizabeth(nee Pike) and daughter Florence Maud and son Harold were living in Kingshill Swindon in 1901. They had moved from Crediton Devon. We would like to get in touch with their descendants.We look forward to making contactRegards
    Patricia & Richard Ellis

    Posted on 10/08/2002 by

    Just wondering if the huge mansion you can see coming over the hill to Stonehenge and that you can see the roof of while at Stonehenge is the mansion Sting owns?
    Betsy Schilling

    Posted on 07/08/2002 by

    Does anyone out there know whether there may have been a pub called ‘The Happy Clown’ in Chippenham?? We have come across the name engraved on the dial of a grandfather clock. The clock is dated C.1780. As far as we know there is no such place now. It may still be a pub but the name had been changed??Thanks for any help in advance!Chris.

    Posted on 30/07/2002 by

    Have you seen the ‘Steam’ museum in Swindon by the Designer Outlet Village – its brilliant. You can easily spend about three hours in there and everything is ‘hands on’. Really informative for the youngsters and nostaligic for the oldsters. I loved the simulator of the train cab. I could not stop riding on it, to the embarrassment of my 12 year old son. Go and see it. Its ace.

    Posted on 30/07/2002 by

    I’m a professional singer and would like to send my demo to Sting (Mr. Gordon M. Sumner) but I don’t know where to send it to. I was thinking of his studio in the Lake House (Wiltshire?). Would you be able to forward me an address to the Lake House?
    If you would I will be forever thankful, THANK YOU!!!Jamila,Stockholm, Sweden

    Posted on 28/07/2002 by

    My 2nd Greatgrandfather’s name is John TRUMAN. He was born at High Littleton, Somerset in 1824, married on 16 June 1844 to Mary Ann WOOKEY. They came to Brisbane, Queensland Australia in 1852. John’s father was Samuel TRUMAN and mother – Mary, brothers James 16 and Joseph 12 (from the 1851 Census of Clutton). Samuel’s birthplace is given as : Melksham, Wiltshire and age as 58 years. Does anyone know something about my 3rd greatgrandfather Samuel TRUMAN ? Daphne Kiers, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia.

    Posted on 24/07/2002 by

    Is there any information available about Clarendon estate. I am particularly interested in the period 1832 to 1850 as I have Birth details for Holin HURST 3rd son of Henry HURST indicating he was born there. It is possible that Henry HURST was employed on the estate at that time. Any information, images etc of the estate during the period would be appreciated.
    Pam Hurst – South Australia

    Posted on 20/07/2002 by

    would love any info on Edward Crook, born in Bromham, Wiltshire about 1720 and married to Elizabeth (surname ?).in exchange for information I may be able to look up something in Ontario, Canada.

    Posted on 18/07/2002 by

    TIME: 10 am- 5 pm
    AT: Salisbury and South Wilts Museum, the Cathedral Close
    COST: Free******************************Starts**********************************
    Sex, death and goldDo you know how to separate the sheep from the goats? How many foot bones does a pig have? Can we tell what illnesses someone had in their lifetime from their skeleton? How do we know what sex someone was? The answer to these and many more questions can be found at Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum on July 20th when Wessex Archaeology and the Wiltshire County Council Conservation Centre join the Museum for National Archaeology Day. The theme for the day is ‘Bones, from excavation to interpretation and conservation’. Julian Richards will be visiting the event in the morning to talk about his work with BBC’s ’Meet the Ancestors’. The finds from Wessex Archaeology’s recent discovery of the ‘Amesbury Archer’ will be on display for the first time ever. You can hear about the excavation of his grave during a family talk in the afternoon.There are quizzes throughout the Museum and Conservation Centre, skeleton jigsaws, a behind the scenes look at the work of the conservation centre and a whole host of displays and activities aimed at both adult and child visitors.The three groups joining forces hope that their combined efforts will produce an entertaining and informative day that can be enjoyed by everyone. The event is free of charge and starts at 10am finishing at 5pm.*********************************ends********************************For further information or interviews please contact

    Pippa Smith 01722 326867
    01722 343414 (direct dial/voicemail)
    07770 573894 (mobile)

    Posted on 09/07/2002 by

    hi i’m chazz do you know the population of calne!

    Posted on 28/06/2002 by

    Loved your site, I am a genealogist and always looking for information. Dissappointed I couldn’t find anything on the place of Sopworth were my HORT /CAREY/CARY ancestors were married in 1851. Regards B.Hollis Australia

    Posted on 21/06/2002 by

    I used to live in Swindon and now I’m living abroad.
    Would like any information on the Oasis leasure centre.This web site is wonderful.Many Thanks,Lisa Murphy

    Posted on 19/06/2002 by

    Are there any Internet Cafes in Devizes, or indeed in Wilthsire at all!!!???

    Posted on 19/06/2002 by

    we’re studying TESS OF THE D’UBERVILLES at school, and our teacher wants us to collect some information about the wessex Tess was familiar with.I’ve only found photographs so far and need some written material.I live in India.Could you please send me some relevant material?

    Posted on 17/06/2002 by

    I will be visiting Wiltshire in September and plan to hike from Avebury to Ogbourne St. George. Will you please share with me what bus connections exits from Ogbourne St. George to Swindon?

    Posted on 16/06/2002 by

    I’m looking for info on Broadchalk which I think is in your county…especially the name(s)of the pubs in that village…can you help.
    This is the village I first dated my wife…we now live in NZ but wish to return this summer to enjoy!

    Posted on 16/06/2002 by

    How big is Wiltshire – in sq. miles?

    Posted on 10/06/2002 by

    How about adding some Links to Wiltshire Genealogy sites? I am doing a One-Name Study of the ILES (and varients) family. Any contributions for my Database gratefully received.

    Posted on 10/06/2002 by

    I am trying to track down the Cinema in a Shed at Holt. Have no idea if this is Holt in Wiltshire or Holt in Norfolk … can anyone help please ?

    Posted on 10/06/2002 by

    researching FRY of Chippenham in 1700-1880. Edward married Jane WHEELER of Calne 1837 and later moved to Stobnehouse, Glos. Would love to know of siblings and parents of Edward but can’t get to parish church to see birth records. Can anyone help? Regards, Jo

    Posted on 10/06/2002 by

    Where can I find the Visitations for Wiltshire? I am researching Ogbourne-St.George Parish where my Marian NEWPORT or NEWPORTE md my William HATCHER on 27 Dec 1632. The only data I’ve used are wills and the incomplete Bishop transcripts (no parish records) I believe my Marian NEWPORT’s father was Robert NEWPORTE and Robert’s parent’s were William NEWPORTE (will prob. 21 Oct 1605) and his wife Marian (bur. 1582). William was the son of Robert NEWPORTE (will prob. 10 Dec 1566).Do you know where I can find the visitation for Ogbourne?? Do you know of any other data I can find from that area during bef 1670? Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
    April BLADH of California City, California USA

    Posted on 08/06/2002 by

    Hi I am researching my family history. My ancestoral line is:James Cook 1757 – 1837. He married Lydia Hayes 1778, LudgershallTheir daughter Maria Cook 1782 – 1856 married Thomas Baker 1759 – 1848. He died at Chute.Their son Edward Baker 1819 born in Collingbourne married Sarah Lewis of Tangley, Hampshire. They migrated to Australia onboard the Tantivy in 1854. Edward died at Walcha, NSW in 1861 and Sarah died in 1889.If you have a connection, I would love to hear from you.


    Posted on 06/06/2002 by

    Please add to your ‘Whats on’ in the Wiltshire: – FREE public ‘Open day’ at South Cerney Sailing Club on Saturday 15th June near Swindon in Cotswold Water Park. FREE boat rides, watch a race, find out about our friendly club, active youth section, social and barbecue in the evening. For further details telephone 07071 223618 or see web site

    Posted on 30/05/2002 by

    I hope to visit Wiltshire soon. You know how we Americans are. Always searching for our “roots”. I am 10 generations removed from a Robert Selfe (Self, Selph?) born in Melksham (I think)in 1637, who emigrated to Virginia about 1660. Probably a Roundhead running for his life! Anyway, I look forward to visiting your beautiful area. I’m sure it is much greener than my native West Texas.

    Posted on 23/05/2002 by

    Hi, I am trying to find a man born as Paul Andrew Russ to Mother Susan Louise Russ in Devizes Maternity Hospital Nov 9th, 1967, and adopted on May 16th 1968. I do not know his present name. He was adopted from Trowbridge County Court possibly to a Family in an area no further than 15-20 miles of Trowbridge. He was also adopted into a family where there were two other children who may also have been adopted. If you can help in any manner, please email me.Also, if anyone knows a site which lists all Churches in Wiltshire, I’d be really grateful if you could send me the link.Best wishes and thanks
    Gina Gingell

    Posted on 19/05/2002 by

    Is there a history of Marlborough dating to 1553 when
    Owen Gwyn was MP?

    Posted on 17/05/2002 by

    I have been having a look at your website, under History, Villages etc.. and can not find anything about a village called IMBA on Salisbury Plain,
    I believe it was inhabited until the 1950’s and then the M.O.D. built A FIBUA in the area but as an ex service person I know that they were still holding church services at the old church.
    I am after some more information because a friend of mine has moved into the area and had never heard of it before.

    Posted on 16/05/2002 by

    I am researching the Surname TOPP. My family comes from Warminster and I have some Baptismal Records from the late 1600’s. I am planning a trip to London in the fall of this year and plan to make a side trip to Warminster and would like to know information about St. Denys Church. This is were my Baptimal Records are from.
    Could anyone tell me if St. Denys has a web site, E-mail address or the regular mailing address. I would like to know the hours and days the archives/office of the Church is open. Also, if there are any other sources of genealogy information that I may trace my family in Warminster.
    I would appreciate any information that is available.Thank You
    James E. Topp
    Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.

    Posted on 15/05/2002 by

    I would like to advertise our forthcoming Sutton Veny Flower Show on the site within an events listing area.Is this possible?

    Posted on 13/05/2002 by

    Looking for Hillier/Cooper/Dennis Family from Bishops Cannings, Bremhill, Wootton Rivers, My Grt Grandmother Elizabeth Sarah Hillier baptised 4th Mch 1838 Dgt. of John & (Alice)Dennis Rev. R.G. Wolsey, Vicar of Marshfield Parish Church, St Mary the Virgin, Gloucestershire.

    Posted on 10/05/2002 by

    hi,I run a wiltshire web site covering Contract Bridge. The Wiltshire Contract Bridge Association covers all of Wiltshire with about 300 members. The site also gives information of events, results contacts and on local bridge clubs. I was wondering whether you could give us a link in your sports section, we’d be happy to reciprocate. The site address is look forward to hearing from you.Bob Berry

    Posted on 09/05/2002 by

    Greetings from Brisbane,Australia.
    What a great web site. Unlike most of your other “e-mailers” I don’t have any roots in Wiltshire (Lancashire is the best I can do !) but I did have some wonderful times staying with friends in Church Lane Westbury and School Lane Westbury Leigh, in 1971 and 1976. This web site is a magical way of revisiting an area I’d love to return to but probably never will. I did try to e-mail a friend in Church Lane weeks ago but he doesn’t seem to check his in box !.Still hoping for a reply. But with this site I can see and read about one of my favourite parts of the”Mother Country”. Cheers. Neville.

    Posted on 08/05/2002 by

    I’ve been doing some research into the Curtis familly.We appear to originate from Warminster where I found records going back many generations.The Curtis name seems well represnted there and I’d be very inerested to contact a local (relative?) who has done some similar research or would like to compare notes. (Dale Curtis)

    Posted on 07/05/2002 by

    Can any one give some information about two places in Wiltshire.
    I would like some information about Hilmartin Parish
    and some details about the cheese mrket in Salisbury,
    Can someone tell me what occupation a CORDWAINER is as this was the occuption listed in the 1851 census.
    Thank to some wonderful people who have already been in touch
    Thanks Jan

    Posted on 29/04/2002 by doreen@tenor07

    I live in dorset and I am unable to find anything about a Village in Wiltshire called Castle Eaton.Apparently my Father was christened t there in 1885.Can anyone tell me the name off the vllage church and anything about the village. Doreen Dykes.

    Posted on 29/04/2002 by

    I have just traced my family to a place called Chittoe in wiltshire, can you tell me please does it still exist & if so some information on it, as I’m hoping to be over there next year & would love to come & have a look
    I am writing from Australia northern new south wales, & it’s raining at last.
    thank you
    Monica Murray [Pearce]

    Posted on 28/04/2002 by

    Hello from Dianne in Canada – I am researching my father’s ancestry and have been able to get as far back as Henry Whytear of Langford or Landford Wiltshire b. abt 1520. His son Richard Whittier (apparently it can also be spelled Whicher) married Mary Rolfe in Jan. 1608-9 in the Church of All Saints, Whiteparish, Wiltshire. Their son, Thomas Whittier went to America in 1638 and my great grandfather ended up in Canada. Your Wiltshire site is amazing – I was actually able to find Whiteparish on your map as well as lots of info on sightseeing and accommodations. My husband and I hope to visit next spring! Is there anywhere to get more info on Whiteparish and any Whittiers who may still live in Wiltshire? Thank you so much for any assistance or suggestions.

    Posted on 25/04/2002 by

    Hi, I am trying to find the website for the Neolithic Marathon, 26 miles,
    Avebury to Stonehenge, can you help me. ? Tony, from Borehamwood, Herts.

    Posted on 25/04/2002 by

    Aaron Taylor of Swindon
    Charles george Taylor Swindon
    both worked for Great Western Railway
    children of Aaron….George and Elsie Taylor
    Mary..Stella..Nancy and Edward
    Elsie married ….Clarke and had one daughter
    Ella…all lived in Swindon
    Can anyone help this me.

    Posted on 23/04/2002 by cwade@uwichill,

    I would like to acquire a photograph of thenow defunct Roundway Psychiatric Hospital for purposes of my research.
    Carl A. wade

    Posted on 21/04/2002 by

    H E L P
    My Father Stephen Charles Taylor was born 17-02-1907 at George Street SWINDON to Charles George Taylor and Charlotte Caroline Taylor formally Sexton nee Curtis. He was an only child. Stephen’s mother died 1913 and his Father Charles died 1918 at Oxford Street Swindon leaving my Dad an orphen. Stephen came to Australia by the first Big Brother Movement in 1925 . He sailed on MV JAVIS BAY. Charles George Taylor and his brother Aaron were both employed by the Great Wester Railway. Charlotte Carolyn Curtis was the daughter of Stephen Curtis who had his own plumbing busness in Salisbury and lived near the cheese market near St Thomas. Can any one give me any information about any of these people. Im sure there is some relative out there who I could exchange a life time of stories. best wishes Jan Buttriss

    Posted on 20/04/2002 by

    Dear Sir,
    I have recently received a birth certificate 1845
    for a gggrandfather born in Devizes at an address that
    looks like Stanton Saint Bernard, can you tell me any
    thing about this place, also have you any information on
    the Wells bell foundry that supposidly sold out to the
    whitechapel bell foundry in east london
    Thanks Pete WELLS

    Posted on 18/04/2002 by

    I am researching my ancestry and am back as far as John Fryer b.abt.1775 and m. Ann Kendall at St James on the 11.3.1797. I do not know of his brothers or sister but have most of his children James b.1804, Elizabeth b.?, William b 1805 m 7.8.1827, Lydia Winslow b. 1810 (my GGGG Grandparents) Maria b. 1807, John b. 1810, Others?, Williams children were William b.? Jacob b.1830 (my GGG Grandfather)he imigrated to NZ, Joseph b 1831, Dorcus b 1935 immigrated to USA have contact with her decendants, Samuel b?, Anna b?.Are you related or do you have any further information that would help me add to this jigsaw puzzle I have undertaken.Any and all help accepted.
    Launa Hardie, Canterbury, New Zealand

    Posted on 10/04/2002 by

    Researching the family of my great grandfather, James
    W. Marvin, born 9 May 1849 in Trowbridge Wilts,England.
    I was told James and his brother were in the English
    Navy, and jumped ship on the east coast of the United
    States. The brother went North maybe Canada, and James
    went West. James was in the US before 1880.
    Any information would be appreciated,and most helpful.
    Thank you, Janet
    Pacific City,Oregon

    Posted on 07/04/2002 by

    hi, Pauline from Canada: I have been researching my ancesters: Crook family, they lived at Corton manor Hilmarton, from 1805, the Pinniger family seemed to own it prior to them, any info on this would be gratefully recieved.

    Posted on 06/04/2002 by

    I would like to advertise the Sutton Veny Flower Show on July 13 at 2.00pm at the Aleaxander Memorial Filed Sutton Veny. To be opened by celebrity Chef Brian Turner. Further information can be obtained by visiting the Sutton veny web site

    Posted on 05/04/2002 by

    Wiltshire is a great County but is poorly supported by BT and their internet broadband roll out. With only a small minority of the Wiltshire families and businesses being able to obtain this new technology it looks like we are being left out in the cold yet again….but does it. I am campaigning to get wireless broadband technology brought to Lyneham and all areas within a 15 Km radius of it. If you want ADSL and cant get it, then take a look at and sign up. We have to get 100 people to sign up and then Tele2 will bring broadband to your area. If your not within 15 km of Lyneham then sign up to get your area on the map… can only try.Steve B

    Posted on 02/04/2002 by

    Am researching my 17th and 18th century ancestors of SHERSTON MAGNA,the Goslett and Adye families,any exchange or input would be helpful,particularly if a link is known of between the Sherston Adyes and those at Easton Grey.
    Gordon Sampson

    Posted on 26/03/2002 by

    hi!from aussie,for many years my family were publicans of the new inn monkton deverill
    my stepfather was landlord there for twenty odd years ern jones,can anyone tell me
    why the deverills were so named as there are five of them Kingston,Monkton,Brixton,Hill, and Longbridge

    Posted on 14/03/2002 by georgebeckerjr

    Researching the family of my great-great grandfather, John
    Lawrence(1807-1844.) He is believed to be the son of John Lawrence
    (1772-1851) and Rachael Shepherd(1784-1842) both of Aldbourne.Any information or insights would be most helpful.Thank you,

    Posted on 14/03/2002 by

    Scott Gale, Cornwall
    i think this website is very interesting. i am a travel and tourism
    student researching Wiltshire. it would be good if you could tell me
    what Motorways and A roads go through Wiltshire

    Posted on 13/03/2002 by

    I am researching my family history and
    this has led me to Winterbourne(s)
    Gunner and Earls for a short period
    between about 1770 to 1800. The name
    (KELSEY) is prominant in Broughton
    (Hants) before this time and there
    were also Kelseys living at West
    Lavington House in 1800s. I wonder if
    anyone knows of any connection between
    these towns/villages.Any help would be appreciated.Liz Buckley

    Posted on 13/03/2002 by

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    E-Commerce Assistant
    Small Luxury Hotels of the World

    Posted on 13/03/2002 by

    Like others who’ve posted, I’m doing
    some family research. I’ve come across
    some information that suggests that
    William Coppedge (or Coppidge or
    Coppage) was born about 1641 at
    “Chelworth, Chicklaide St. Sa,
    Wiltshire, England.” Now that I’ve
    had a look at your webpage, I take
    “Chicklaide” to be Cricklade and St.
    Sa to be a reference to St.
    Sampson’s. Any ideas about what
    “Chelworth” is/was? Any thoughts
    about ways to further research
    Coppedges in Wiltshire? William
    apparently emigrated to Virginia in
    about 1662. The information I have
    suggests his father was William as
    well.Thanks for any thoughts you may have.CarynRaleigh, North Carolina

    Posted on 05/03/2002 by

    My name is Wiltshire, Why?
    Do I have any relation to the county?

    Posted on 03/03/2002 by

    Your web site is one of the best I
    have seen. What beautiful country. I
    was looking for family in Wiltshire
    when I ran across it. I am planning
    on visiting the Old Country soon and
    will surely visit Wiltshire. My father
    and his family come from England and I
    am trying to connect with my
    grandmother’s family. She was Bertha
    Ellen COPE-MANUEL and owned the
    Kingsbury Hotel in Marlborought in the
    1930’s, where she boarded students. I
    was born in Kiddlington, Oxfordshire
    but spent many happy days with my
    grandmother before going to Canada
    with my parents. Is the Hotel still
    there, and would any of her former
    boarders – students remember that
    grand Lady!Reg Manuel in Canada, eh!

    Posted on 27/02/2002 by

    I would like to know all the villages
    in Wiltshire with public conveniences
    in them. For a project I am carrying

    Posted on 19/02/2002 by

    Wiltshire Web is wonderful, and I
    thoroughly enjoy browsing this land of
    my family’s roots.My frustration is that it’s so
    difficult to contact anyone there who
    might help me get the genealogical
    information I seek — short of hiring
    a paid genealogist. I felt I was
    getting close with an e-mail to a Mrs.
    Lee Young of the Chamber of Commerce
    in Chippenham, but my note was
    returned as “undeliverable.” More
    contact people with accurate e-mail
    addresses would be tremendously
    helpful. For example, is there a list
    anywhere of the churches in Wiltshire
    and how to contact them? Oh, and I’d
    love to know where/how to buy a really
    good, detailed map of Wiltshire and a
    book on Wiltshire history.Thanks for the wonderful job you’re
    doing in letting the rest of the
    world ‘see’ Wiltshire!Carol Stokes
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Posted on 15/02/2002 by

    I was just wondering where my last
    name came from. My great-grandfather
    came over here (U.S.) from England and
    obviously my last name is Wiltshire. I
    was just wondering if I could get any
    background information on my last
    name. Anything would do, thanks.

    Posted on 07/02/2002 by

    As a buildings archaeologist can you tell me why Wooton Basset Town Hall is under funded, surely it is a listed building, or should be, so it should benefit from a grant from English Heritage. If any one is interested in setting up a petition to keep this building intact, please contact me.
    Barry Atkinson
    Old Coach Road
    Cross, Axbridge
    BS26 2EE

    Posted on 30/01/2002 by

    Hi everyone,I’ve been researching my Wiltshire
    ancestors for many years now and most
    of them come from the Wylye Valley
    area.I’ve just set up a new website and set
    out their details on it – if you have
    ancestry from Wylye Valley you’re most
    welcome to post your details there
    too. You can find it at:,Valerie

    Posted on 28/01/2002 by

    Dear Sir/Madam:I am a fellow musician and am trying
    to find out if you may know the
    address for the Sting mansion in
    Wiltshire. I would like to forward him
    some of my music for him to listen to.
    Thanks for your assistance.Sincerely,David Hefelfinger
    South Carolina

    Posted on 24/01/2002 by

    I have been perusing your excellent
    site. However, please note
    that “Doomsday” Book is spelt Domesday;
    (from the Latin “Domus” place/home
    area etc)RegardsJames Nicholls

    Posted on 16/01/2002 by

    Dear Sir
    I am researching our family history
    and wish to know if ‘Wolfhall’ Great
    Bedwyn is still standing! My
    husband’s grandfather was born there
    in 1872 – his name was George Ford!
    In 1905/6 he settled in New Zealand
    with his wife and two children.
    Best wishes
    Dianne Ford

    Posted on 12/01/2002 by

    I am looking for some information on a
    property called ‘Holkham House’.It is
    situated outside malmesbury. My
    grandmother was in service at the
    house during the second war and a
    Captain Redfern was the occupier.Any
    information would be appreciated as
    she is now 80 and would like to return
    and have a look at it. thank you Julie

    Posted on 29/12/2001 by

    why is it that you have some other
    sports on your website.but nothing
    about angling around the area,it would
    be great to have a site deadicated to
    angling,where anglers can tell each
    other about where is fishing good,and
    about the work that is being done to
    the country side by the money that we
    pay for licenses is used in our area,

    Posted on 12/12/2001 by

    Hello! From Madeira Island…
    I would like to find a road map of
    Wilshire…Is there any chance…If yes, please give me informations…Just a short note: We have 22ºC
    today!!!Best Regards from Madeira.José Romão

    Posted on 06/12/2001 by PRETAURIOUS@HOTMAIL.COM


    Posted on 01/12/2001 by

    Seeking information about my graet
    grandfather. His name is JOHN GRAY and
    he was born in SALISBURY in 1847. He
    died on 2-18-1929. He had a son named,
    FREDERICK ERNEST GRAY, born 1881 or 1882.
    He had one daughter, named IRIS FRANCES
    GRAY, born 1889. I would like to
    retreive records on all of these
    people. Thanks,
    Jerry Gray
    P.O. Box 29
    Elk Mills Maryland 21920 USA
    Phone 410 398 2556

    Posted on 19/11/2001 by

    My name is Marilyn Evans and I am from
    Sydney, Australia. In researching
    family history have been told that
    ancestors farmed the land on which
    Stonehenge stands. The Story goes that
    the Ministry of works took over the
    land officially sometime in the 1950’s
    one condition being that the Druids
    would be allowed to worship there ad
    infinitum. Can anyone help me to find
    out who owned the land and if the
    facts above are true. My uncle was
    given a set of Druid regalia for his
    part in this. He was 90 when he died
    last year. His Name was William White.
    Any information would be most
    appreciated. The site is now logged
    onto my “favourites”RegardsMarilyn Evans

    Posted on 16/11/2001 by

    Greetings to any ‘MAYELL’s in
    Wiltshire !
    In researching my paternal roots, I
    have found my 3xGreat Grandparents,
    Married in Bradford On Avon, on May 3rd
    1834. Their names were FRANCIS MAYELL
    and MARY BRYANT. So far, I have only
    found 1 son from the marriage, LEVI,
    born in Calne, 1838.
    Levi and his wife EMMA WADE, were
    living in Reigate, Surrey, in 1867.
    Their daughter MARY ANN was born in
    that year. Three more children were
    born to Levi and Emma, but by this
    time, they were living in St. Pancras
    1881 finds MARY ANN working as a
    domestic servant, back in Reigate,
    where she gave birth to a son, my
    Grandfather ISHMAEL MAYELL. (No Father
    noted on Birth Certificate)
    Do any of these names ring a bell ?Thanks, in anticipation !Polly (Mayell) Hubery.

    Posted on 12/11/2001 by

    Hi! My family has recently moved to
    Warminster in Wiltshire, and are
    looking for a family planning clinic
    in or around that area. Can you help?Thanks!
    H Smith

    Posted on 09/11/2001 by

    we produce greetings cards from oil
    paintings by Ruth A Harris BA(Hons).
    Our Wiltshire cards so far are :
    Malmesbury Abbey (sold in Abbey News)
    Wylye (Wylye Post Office & Stores)
    and Mere (John Walton News).Do you have any details of the history
    of Mere ? I was unable to find
    anything on your excellent and
    informative site.In the meantime, would you like us to
    send you the cards of Malmesbury and
    Wylye for your web site ?Perhaps you could supply the
    appropriate address.Best wishes,James Nicholls & Ruth Harris

    Posted on 04/11/2001 by royecook@hotmail .com

    Seeking any information for genealogy research on Cook and Payne families who lived in Chippenham 1700’s to 1910’s. Some connection with Fry’s farm.R. Cook

    Posted on 01/11/2001 by

    hello there,
    please could you answer me a question?
    there is a military(aviation?) link
    between a man and with bradford on
    avon in wiltshire,
    do you have any idea wh this person is?
    thanks in advance,
    mick booy,
    rotherham, south yorkshire

    Posted on 01/11/2001 by

    Hello there, please could you answer me a question? There is a military(aviation?) link
    between a man and with bradford on avon in wiltshire, do you have any idea who this person is?thanks in advance.mick booyrotherham, south yorkshire

    Posted on 31/10/2001 by

    Hello; I am doing family research and have come up with several old relations born in Wolf Hall. I can’t find it in any records here (Seattle USA). The dates of the births are
    late 1400’s to mid 1500’s. Family name is John Seymour born 1476 and Elizabeth Seymour born 1511.Could anyone point me in the right direction?Lisa Novich
    Sammamish WA USA (near Seattle0

    Posted on 30/10/2001 by

    Greetings from Australia.I am seeking information about a location called Norton Bassett – which I believe is in Wiltshire.However, I can find no reference to it your list of historic towns and villages.Do you know of such a place ?Is it now known by another name ?

    I am doing work on a family tree and hope you can help.


    Tom Bennett

    Posted on 18/06/2001 by

    I am currently working on a project to form a website dedicated to the paranormal goings-on in Westbury and other Wiltshire towns. If anyone has stories to tell, information to give, news clippings or anything you think may be relavent I would hugely
    appreciate it. Anything goes really, the site will cover UFOs, ghosts, ley lines, crop circles, big cats, monuments and places of interest (e.g. White Horse) and many more topics.If you wish to send me anything please email me and I will inform you of my
    address.Thanks.Chris, Westbury Wilts.

    Posted on 02/06/2001 by

    I grew up in West Lavington and still regularly return to visit my parents and get some fresh air away from the London smoke. As a keen internet user myself I have been trying to persuade my father he should join the growing band of silver surfers but how? Is there no internet access with a bit of support he could tap into? We have dozens of cybercafe’s up here but has no-one thought about starting one in Devizes? The outlay for someone like my Dad is too much to set up at home so how about it? Any entrepreneurs.Wiltshire Web Comments: We know of public Internet access points in Trowbridge and in Wiltshire’s Libraries. Does anyone know of other facilities around the county? Let us know and we’ll post the details.

    Posted on 15/04/2001 by

    HiI am looking for information on John Chunn who was born at Ogbourne, St George, Wiltshire, England, about 1847. John married Mary Jane Dixon in Ogbourne, England. Mary Jane Dixon was the daughter of Thomas and Ann Dixon and born in Wiltshire, England about 1850. John was the son of Jacob and Sarah Chunn. John and Mary Chunn came to New Zealand about 1883. John and Mary are my husbands Great Grandparents. Any information would be fantastic!!!!

    Posted on 13/04/2001 by

    My class and I are studying the plague and the great fire of london next
    term. The class consists of year 1 and 2 pupils. I was wondering if you had
    any information on how the plauge affected Salisbury and hopefully our
    village where the school is based – Stratford-sub-Castle. I hope you can
    help – or give me the name of someone who can help. Thank you

    Posted on 11/04/2001 by

    I am looking for information about my father who died in Odstock Hospital on 4 July, 1944. Can you provide me with any information of any American units stationed near there during the war. I have been told he was injured by a “buzz bomb” and the history of his company seems to support this stating they were being harassed by the bombs at the time of his injury and death. His unit was 3523rd Ordnance MAM, possibility attached to the Eighth Air Force. His name is Leonard C. Rorrer.His proud son: Leonard C. Rorrer, Jr.Name and address supplied / available if you wish to write.

    Posted on 15/03/2001 by

    Looking for information!!If you could help me out, I am looking for information about a little pottery jug I bought in Indiana (USA) at an antique store. It has a paper label taped to the bottom which says “handmade pottery of original design – Holdsworth Potteries Ramsbury and Wiltshire”. If you could tell me anything about this pottery it would be very helpful. I have checked websites for both Wiltshire and Ramsbury and found nothing on this potter.Thank you for your time!

    Posted on 14/03/2001 by

    I Served with the USAF at RAF Burderop Park, from May 1955 to May 1959. Made many English friends while living there and still have contact with many
    of them. Was an acolyte at St. Pauls Church in town and was sorry to hear
    that it had been torn down. Every military member that I know served in
    the area, tell me it was there best assignment.

    Posted on 05/03/2001 by

    Please, I´m looking for the address, or phone number or e-mail of a friend of
    mine that lived there, he is:
    David Lindsay
    Poplar Cottage, Hollow Lane, Wilton,
    Nr.Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 3SR
    Tel and Fax: 0672 – 870851

    These are old references I have from him, they are from 1993. I would like to get the nowadays information from him (his address, phone number and e-mail, if it is possible), if you can get it to me I will thank very, very much for I need to contact
    him. I´m from Brazil and my references are:
    Bertholdo Nunes de Camargo
    Address and telephone number Supplied

    e-mail:<> or

    Thanks and Congratulations,


    Posted on 27/02/2001 by

    I have a collection of a number of boxes of course material relating to printing and publishing. During my teaching years I have assembled information on such topics as: Development of the alphabet; history of typesetting methods and machinery;
    paper, ink and printing technologies; desktop and electronic publishing; international standards development; show-and-tell examples; etc. I am due to leave the UK and would like to find a prospective instructor in the Graphic Arts area that I can
    donate this collection.

    Posted on 18/02/2001 by

    Hi guys!Looked up this website when trying to find out more about the place a new friend of mine comes from. His name is Dean and we’ve been corresponding for a while. Anyway, site looks great and is very informative. Keep up the good work.Karen xxxxxx

    Posted on 16/02/2001 by

    Surfing the for Wiltshire information I found your wonderful site. I’m not sure if you can help me, but I’m looking for brochures on things to do and where to stay (B&B) in Wiltshire. As we’re on a “round trip” in July we’re considering a few days in Wiltshire. I hope you can help.Mark Veenis

    Posted on 14/02/2001 by

    I am wondering if any art galleries in Wiltshire have any pictures by Edward Baker BOULTON who died in Australia in 1895. The reason I say this is that his wife and 3 daughters lived at Seend until their respective deaths between 1912 and 1945 and perhaps some pictures came into the hands of local galleries. I am writing the artist’s biography and would love any info.John Edwards.

    Posted on 11/02/2001 by

    One of my forefathers were called Bessant or Besant and came from the village of Latten near Oaksey in Wiltshire. This was in the early 1800’s. Does anybody know anything about the mill?

    Posted on 22/01/2001 by

    Family TreeMy records indicate there were relatives that came from Wiltshire. Edmond Wait, 1594-1621, Married 1608 to Anne, son Henry Henry Wait, 1610-1639, married Honor in 1628, sons Richard 1638-1715, William, Edmond , Henry and daughter Anne.
    Richard 1638-1715, Married 1660 to Sarah Colstone, sons Richard 1708,
    charles, James.Richard Sr. was ships captain and moved to Middlesex Va. USA around 1692.Any suggestion on tracing more specific info?ThanksKyle

    Posted on 15/01/2001 by

    “Fitz House”This may seem a little forward, but I was wondering if there is anyway that I can get information on Fitz house. It is a curiosity I have due to the fact my mother was the last in her line of the Fitz family. It is believed that years ago the house was in her family and was lost due to some misfortune. Her mother and father raised her and her two sisters in the village of Norton Bavent, near Warminster. As I am now in the country for a few years, I wanted to see if I could just find a little out about it. I primarily would just like to know if it is open to the public or if it is still a privately owed estate. Secondary would be a history of the house if one is available. I appreciate the time you take to answer these questions and look forward to hearing from you.SincerelyRuth Zorbaugh

    Posted on 15/01/2001 by <>

    Wiltshire Military Base, WWIIMy father was awarded with the Order of the British Empire for his service in a headquarters staff of the US Army, stationed near Tidsworth and Bulford, from 1941 til ’45. Can anyone steer me to an account of the period from a local perspective?

    Posted on 10/01/2001 by

    Information.Hi;My Great grandmother was born in 1852 at ” The Union Workhouse ” in Brokenborough. Would you know if theres any information or pictures of the workhouse or of Brokenborough.Thanks for your help;Sincerely;

    Jim Rooney

    Posted on 06/01/2001 by

    Enquiry about AveburyDear SirsI really enjoy looking your pages about Wiltshire. I would like to ask you about the name of Avebury. Is there any difference between Avebury and Abury? Could we use both? Or which one is more common ?I am looking forward for hearing from you soon.NAKAICHI,masako

    Posted on 01/01/2001 by


    Posted on 29/12/2000 by

    Posting to Your-say on Wiltshire websiteMy ancestry, too, can be traced back to Wiltshire: namely Salisbury and two places I don’t find on your list of towns, Bromham and Wedhampton. My maiden name is Ayer, and I descend from a John Ayer (or Eyre) whose roots lie in Wiltshire. The (unproven adequately from reliable sources) line supposedly extends back to a Humphrey Le Heyr, who was a Crusader with Richard I. Various of his descendants were also mayors of Salisbury: Robert Eyre in 1559, and Thomas Eyre in 1587.Can anyone verify any of this, quoting relevant sources? Thanks.Susan (Ayer) Barylo
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Posted on 28/12/2000 by

    StourheadPlease could someone send me some info on Stourhead, including location and nearby hotelsThanks

    Posted on 07/12/2000 by

    Looking for information on a buildingHello, My name is Susan Smith of New Brunswick, Canada. I am doing some family research and I came across this picture. My great great grandfather Warneford was from England. This picture was left to me by a my great aunt, Grace Warneford. Some one has told me that this was once the home of the Warnefords. I am looking for information on this building. Is there anywhere that I can obtain information as to the history of this place? Thanks for your time, Susan Smith

    Posted on 04/12/2000 by

    History of MereDear Sir or Madam, My Taylor ancestry came from Mere, Wiltshire. I am very much interested in learning something of the history of that town. Your help in putting me into contact with a historian that could of help to me will be greatly appreciated.Sincerely,Cyril Taylor Port Orchard,

    Posted on 19/11/2000 by

    i need to do some work for school, about history of wiltshire foods like lardy cake, i have searched for hours but i can’t find anything. my teacher says she has seen sites with relevant information on. plese could you tell me. THANX ANDY

    Posted on 11/11/2000 by

    Wiltshire Regiment 1939/1945Dear Sirs,Could you please help with info on the above. I am currently researching this period during which my father served and was injured in Italy. I’m please to say that he is alive and well although age marches on!! very many thanks Terry Hull

    Posted on 11/11/2000 by

    Lackham CollegeDear sir/madamI am interested in finding old parish maps and records for the Lackham Estate at Lacock. Any ideas where i may find anything relevant?Thanks Dave

    Posted on 08/11/2000 by

    Info.I am interested in information about two small towns in Wiltshire, Ansty and Fonthill Bishop. Any help such as who or where to contact will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Anthony Dell Globe, Arizona, USA.

    Posted on 20/10/2000 by

    Search for White Horse BookshopDear sirs,Could you possibly tell me whether a bookshop called The White Horse Bookshop still exists in Marlborough, and if so, whether they have an e-mail address or at least a fax number? Thanking you for your efforts in advance, I remain Sincerely yours, David Emmans

    Posted on 18/10/2000 by

    WILTSHIRE WEBSITEYour website was a wonderful surprise. Some time ago, because she wanted to join the Daughters of the American Revolution, my mom traced her dad’s family all the way back to George Prater, born 1512 in Inglesham, Wiltshire, England. Just for the heck of it, I typed in Wiltshire, and found your website. I feel like I also found some of my roots. Is there any way I can get more genealogical information on the names Prater or Prather in the Wiltshire area? My name is Nancy Martin; and I live in Ontario, California, USA.

    Posted on 13/10/2000 by

    Mr.StingI have a little problem,I would like to send a letter to Mr.Sting/Mr.Summoner/,but only thing I know is,he lives in Wiltshire in his Lake house,would you be so kind to find it out for me,his exact adress,I’ll be your forever debtor.Milan from